Value your inner beauty

  • How many times have you heard someone being called beautiful for their mind or for their actions towards others? It’s pretty rare, especially in relation to the number of times people are called beautiful for their physical appearance. People too often label others ‘beautiful’ for superficial reasons while overlooking those who demonstrate inner beauty: unconditional love and kindness. This is because these qualities are, sadly, not interesting to people who pursue superficial successes.

  • For this reason, it’s very common for people to change the way they appear in order to reflect the ideals of beauty that society has been conditioned to worship – but it’s far less common to change the way you think and act.

  • If we strive to call more people beautiful because of their kindness, then we’ll become more interested in changing the way we behave. Beauty is so much more than physical appearance.

  • Experiencing physical attraction towards someone doesn’t mean you should invest your energy in them. Their heart, mind and spirit must be beautiful to you, too. A luxury sports car is useless without an engine, as is someone who is beautiful to you only physically; it will be difficult to move forward in life with them if they don’t share your inner values.

Physical beauty does nothing but satisfy physical needs. Only those with real substance can satisfy the hearts, minds and souls of others.

  • Real beauty must be deeper than what meets the eye. It must go beyond the skin. Our bodies can always change but our internal beauty can last a lifetime. This is where your value is and why it’s so important to spend time on building your character. After all, you can buy surgery but you cannot purchase a new personality. You can attract many people with your looks, but you can only hold on to a great person with what you have on the inside.

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