Meditate now – a step-by-step guide

I’d like to take you through a short relaxation meditation that you can do right now. You just need a pen, some paper and a quiet moment.

1. Use your intuition to assess your level of energy. How would you rate your vibration level from one to 10, if one is I feel low and I don’t want to do anything, and 10 is I feel great, peaceful and full of joy. Write down the first number that pops into your head – and don’t question it.

2. Now we’ll begin to move to a meditative state. Find somewhere you can completely relax, sitting or standing, with your eyes open at this stage. Wherever you are, become aware of your body.

  • Are you sitting?

  • Are you standing?

  • How does your spine feel?

  • Don’t change anything. Just become conscious of your physical body.

3. Now become conscious of your breathing. Just observe. Let the air go deep into your lungs, and then breathe out. Now, as you take a deep breath, imagine you’re filling your lungs with as much air as possible, then expelling all the stale air as you exhale.

  • Feel your belly moving up and down with every breath. Feel your chest move up and down with every breath.

4. Now look around you. Notice the colours and the patterns you see, without judgement. Just observe. Let your eyes absorb all that’s around you. And then slowly close your eyes.

Watch what comes to the screen of your mind.

  • Let your thoughts pass by, no pressure. There’s no right or wrong. Relax your eyelids while you observe what comes and goes within your mind. And keep noticing the pattern of your breath: in, out; expansion and contraction.

5. Listen to the sounds around you.

Where do they come from?

What are the tones?

Are there any sounds that stand out?

Can you distinguish between background and foreground sounds? And now you can listen to the sound of your breath. In and out.

6. Bring your awareness to your entire body. Is there any tension? There’s no need to change anything. Simply notice any sensations in your body.

Are there any feelings or emotions arising right now? What are they? Where in your body are they located?

Observe, feel and listen. Stay still for the next minute. When you’re ready, slowly start to move your hands and feet.

And then open your eyes.

7.This is the end of the exercise, so let’s check your level of energetic vibration. How would you rate your vibration level now? Write down your number. Is it higher than before? If not, you can do the exercise again. Eventually you’ll find that this brief practice raises your vibration.

If you struggle to remember the steps above, try recording them on your phone so that your voice can guide you through them. Speak slowly and clearly, and allow pauses for silence while you read the instructions.

Meditation is far from being complicated. Buddhist master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche claims that to meditate you need only to be aware of your breath . when you breathe with awareness, you’re meditating. It’s as simple as that – and that’s why you can meditate anywhere, at any time.

Everything and anything done in a
state of conscious awareness can be
meditation – even the washing-up.

Try it for 15 minutes a day, for 30 consecutive days. If that seems too much, start with five minutes and build up gradually.

Breathing is such an important part of our life. I mean, really – if we don’t breathe, we don’t live. We inhale and life starts, and as life ends, we exhale. That’s why it’s said that with every breath there’s transformation occurring within us. We die and are reborn with every breath that we take.

It’s through breath that we reinforce our vital force, our life energy – often referred as mana, prana, chi or ki, among numerous other names, depending on the spiritual tradition. With each breath, we’re allowing life force energy to enter every cell of our body so it can vibrate with new life. As we take fuller and more controlled breaths, this enables our nervous system to calm us down, increasing our vibration.

Meditation breaks down the walls of our conditioned mind and gives us an opportunity to become more authentic. As you meditate more often, you’ll gain perspective on the restricting thoughts you’ve been playing over in your mind.

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