Do I deserve to be Rich

Many people make lot of efforts, read affirmations, make vision board, etc. but they don’t get rich. One of the key reason for this is because deep within they believe that they don’t deserve to be rich. This may be because they think they are not good enough to deserve richness either because they think the are not educated enough, skilled enough, too young, too old, etc.

As long as a person believes that he/she does not deserve to be Rich, its almost impossible for them to get Rich because their subconscious will create circumstances that will keep them from getting Rich.

  • So we need to know that we deserve to be Rich. Why do we deserve to be rich?

  • 1: Universe is abundant.

  • 2: Just like a child gets the share of his father’s assets just by

virtue of being the child unless child does something that father disowns him. Similarly we are all the children of Divine and divine being Abundant, we all deserve to live a life of joy, peace and abundance unless we do something which goes against the will of Divine.

  • 3: We deserve to live in joy, peace and abundance simply because we exist and not for any other reason.

  • 4:Every person has unique skills,talent and abilities which we can share with the rest of the world and share to the richness of the life on planet earth and when we do this, abundance must come in our life.

Affirmation: I deserve to be Joyful, Peaceful & Rich.

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