Celebrate Success

  • We are living in a Vibrational Universe where everything is connected to everything else. Whatever Vibrational frequency we are holding or emitting is reflected or mirrored back in the Universe. Hence if we want to live in abundance then we must emit the feelings of abundance. This can be done in many ways but one of the easiest ways is: Whenever we listen or come to know about financial success or any good news in anyone’s life, we must celebrate it as if it is our own success. When we do this we would be vibrating at abundance and success which will then be reflected back in our life experiences too.

  • But normally mos of the people when they come to know of someone else’s success they either get jealous or start thinking negatively about others so instead of getting into Favourable Vibrational frequency, they get into low vibrational frequency which works against them. So from now onwards, make it a point to celebrate everyone’s success as if it is your own success.

  • Affirmation: I celebrate everyone’s success as if it is my own.

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