Become Master in Sales & Marketing

  • If there is one single most important money skill in business or profession or even in life, it is the art of Sales & Marketing. Any person who can master this art and skill will never struggle in earning money. He/she will get job easily and can also grow their business easily.

  • There is not a single person who does not sell. Everyone from child to grandparents sell. All the greatest Changemakers and leaders of all time like Moses, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, everyone sells.

  • Whether you are a parent, manager, businessman, religious leader, NGO, it doesn’t matter everyone sells.

  • So the question isn't “Whether I should sell?” you are already selling. The only question is how good you are in selling.

  • Greatest Changemakers were greatest Salespeople in world and in the history of mankind, but most people may not see them as salespeople but they were into sales.

  • Understanding the importance of Sales in becoming Rich as well as impacting lives,

  • So, the bottom line is Master Sales & Marketing even if it takes time. This will be your life long and most rewarding skill.

Affirmation: I Love to Sell and Market my goods & services.

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