Appreciate your physical beauty

It’s great to take care of yourself when it comes to physical appearance. We should always feel comfortable in our own skin and looking after your body is a healthy habit. The fact that you have a body at all is incredible. You’re a reflection of the wonder of nature.

  • Whether you believe in God or not, when the world was created it wasn’t given rules or instructions to help humankind assess what physical beauty is. No – these ideas were formed by us and are today often moderated and manipulated by the mainstream media.

You can only recognize your own beauty if you practise self-love, but I’ll be honest with you: it’s difficult. With media platforms playing on our insecurities, it’s hard not to compare ourselves with others.

  • We’re bombarded by images showing people with conventionally attractive bodies. We know that most of these images aren’t real, that they’ve been edited or doctored in order to sell an idea, a product or a dream, but we easily forget this and they quickly magnify confidence issues.

We define our physical flaws in relation to what we’re told is the ‘perfect body’. We’re constantly told what beauty looks like and if we don’t question this, these endless messages implant in our heads a subconscious definition of what it means to be beautiful. Anything that doesn’t match the popular definition of beauty appears to us as a flaw and makes us judgemental, always assessing physical beauty against that benchmark. This not only affects how we perceive others, but also how we perceive ourselves.

Don’t let socially constructed

ideas about beauty lower your

self-esteem. There are no rules to

beauty. Accept and love yourself as

you are. Embrace your flaws and get

comfortable in your own skin. Wear

your imperfections like they don’t

need a season to be fashionable.

There’s a culture of negativity swirling around the Internet and even rebounding on those we claim to like. Constant comparison of one human against another drives you into a web of negative and loveless thoughts.

  • Never allow society’s ideals for physical beauty to devalue your existence. Nearly all those ideals are driven from insecurity and a desire to feel more confident – or to sell something. If you think about it, how many businesses would go out of business if you truly accepted yourself?

The size of your jeans doesn’t define you.
The colour and shade of your skin doesn’t define you.
That number on the scales doesn’t define you.
Those marks on your face don’t define you.
Those expectations don’t define you.
Those opinions don’t define you.

  • Your personal beauty isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you’re less beautiful than any other human being. Perfection is subjective and based entirely on perception. Wear your ‘imperfections’ proudly, because they make you unique. Never stop appreciating your own beauty.

If you feel you’d rather be someone other than yourself, you’re not alone. But if you can recognize and embrace your own unique beauty, you can live with authenticity and be proud of who you are. A person who accepts themself as they are can inspire the world. And that can be you. You could show the world how to reach joy through self-acceptance.

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